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All things Autism:

One Year Traumaversary of My Job at “The Good ABA”

Here is my experience with ABA: Working in ABA was genuinely traumatic for me. Every night, I woke up in a sweat, nightmares plaguing me with how I was treated and my powerlessness. When I worked my next job, I had a hard time expressing myself because I was so scared of being hated … Continue reading “One Year Traumaversary of My Job at “The Good ABA””

The Self-Harm Bogeyman in ABA

CW: The following article may be triggering to people that struggle with self-harm and contain descriptions that may not be appropriate for everyone. “ABA has helped this autistic child so much. They’ve stopped self-harming!” The phrase is beaten like a drum by pro-ABA advocates. It’s an anthem that proclaims, “ABA isn’t bad because it stops … Continue reading “The Self-Harm Bogeyman in ABA”


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